TFC – Playlist January 10th 2009

In TFC on January 10, 2009 at 11:43 am

Tis the season for Midsumma and other shenanigans. Kaloo kalaay…not sure about the spelling there.

If you listened on Saturday Jan 10, many thanks.  If you are having a sticky at the playlist, come on in the water’s lovely.  The mix this week was definitely on the silly side – beyond the somewhat loose boundaries of “ICYWW” aka “‘In Case You Were Wondering”.  But the sun is shining, Simon Katich remains the only thing remotely adorable in the Australian cricket side and I have rediscovered the joys of a long lunch.  Read on, click away and ponder life’s wonders my lovelies.


I Only Want To Be With You – Dusty Springfield

The One & Only – Chesney Hawkes

Yep, I had completely forgotten this one as well!

How Indiscreet – Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire

This AB is a bit of a fave of Dan Vo (uberfuhrer of the Fool and the Opera on Joy each Sunday arvo). I love him too…his devotion to live recording with no overdubbing or other tricky stuff gets him douze points every time.

Always True To You – Lisa Kirk

Something – Shirley Bassey

Music, Music, Music – Teresa Brewer

Money  – The Flying Lizards

In Case You Were Wondering – Silly Songs

I’m Super – Big Gay Al

Jung Talent Time – TISM

Big Balls – Hayseed Dixie

Bluegrass version of AC/DC song.  How silly is that?  This  is a close second. 

Alphonse Loves Louisa – Ronnie Barker

Doin ‘The Pigeon – Bert from Sesame Street

If There Is A God – Combo Fiasco

Super – Ru Paul

Silly is one of the great things in life.  It can mean anything and should do! Fear not, featuring ”silly” DOESN’T mean it will disappear as part of the weekly TFC nonsense. Here’s some “silly” on account

Long Hot Summer – Tom Robinson Band

A gay icon of the 1970s in the UK.  Tom sang a very important song – 30 years ago people!!

American Bandstand – Wally’s Swing World

A discovery from my Californian home from home – Santa Cruz, home of the Banana Slugs and the best breakfast potatoes I’ve ever tasted.  

Better The Devil You Know – Kylie

I know I always mention Kylie’s Welsh roots, but she has the Llynfi Valley running through her veins.  Not the nicest place in the world I have to say.  And I have no comment to make whatsoever on my Welsh roots………

Niyal Albou – Chehade Brothers

Light A Candle – Sarit Hadad

Brother Jake – Neville Brothers

Love Grows – Edison Lighthouse

I Wanna Be Loved By You – Helen Kane

Talkin About Last Night – Twinset

Silky, smooth and sexy Kiwis.  Love it. Check out their videos.

Red Tape – Brooks

From the amazing “Sauna Sessions” CD by Seymour Butz, a former neighbour of mine in  Erskineville in inner west Sydney.


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