TFC Playlist – 17th January

In TFC on January 17, 2009 at 11:37 am

Twas the night before Midsumma…and didn’t we have fun.  We didn’t?  I challenge to a dual or a hand of whist.  This is really not how I imagined things Fiona.

Take 2: Starting with American Idiot to salute the achievements of George W Bush this was a Full Catastrophe at the cutting edge of light entertainment – and entertain you lightly we did (“The Micallef Program 1999”)

It was deliberately light and fluffy as I needed to keep my guttering clear for the perils of the Midsumma stage and the Joy outside broadcast. And the response was positive…some block voting by the Carmen Miranda Is Fab Campaign not withstanding.

As for the inside broadcast that was TFC #43:

American Idiot – Green Day

Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? – Joe Jackson

Love Machine – The Miracles

Slave To Love – Brian Ferry

More on this can be found on my Recon profile!

Another One Bites The Dust – Queen

Hang On Little Tomato – Pink Martini

In Case You Were Wondering ? – It sells, but what is it?

I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire – Ink Spots (Burgers)

Boum – Charles Trenet (Healthcare)

This is the song “Boom” by E. Ray Goetz and Charles Trenet and featured on Allo Allo.

Why did my heart go boom?
Me and my heart go boom,
Boom titty boom once I found you.

They don’t write them like that anymore. Thank god.

Mama Don’Wan’No Peas An’ Rice An’Coconut Oil – Count Basie (Cooking oil)

I Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi – Carmen Miranda (High Fibre Cereal)

Let’s Do It – Cole Porter

And as a final salute to the “sell, sell, sell” maxim, the greatest exponent of the live ad – Graham Kennedy

Who’s That Girl – Eurythmics

A Wonderful Guy – Lee Adam Wilshier

A great new release  called “Lover Man” Melbourne vocalist, Lee Adam Wilshier. He is a man after TFC’s own heart as he takes some of the best-loved songs of all time and, with their original gender-specific lyrics, serves them up fresh and new to a gay male audience. Brill.

Red Sails In The Sunset – The Platters

Cuban Love Song – Edmundo Ros & Orchestra

I wittered on somewhat about Edmundo a few weeks ago – here is his theme tune which still takes me back a my childhood.  Mum baking, my brother doing his homework, me paying far too much attention to Doris Day. 

Boogie Chillen – John Lee Hooker

Anyone Can Whistle – Nancy Wilson

If this is your first experience of Nancy (come on, behave) then click here and your life will be much enriched.

Olinda Road – Barry Flanagan

You Got It Bad Girl – Stevie Wonder

TFC’s tribute to the new on the spot syphilis test being introduced at Midsumma Carnival. Seriously, get tested guys…it ain’t painful and it could make the world of difference. And in other Syphilis news:

Over The Rainbow – Forbidden Broadway

The show is one of the many fabbo events in the Midsumma Festival.  Get into those theatres and halls and galleries and multi-occupation- pan-performance- space-module-resource-facilities people.

I Wanna Be Like You – Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

So Many Men, So Little Time – Touchez

 I refer the question from the Honorable Member for Commercial Road to my previous comments about Stevie Wonder

  1. The Over the Rainbow song you played at the end. Which Forbidden Broadway album does it come from and is it available here in Melbourne.

    I did a search and there appears to be a few albums released.


    Member 10982

    • Hi John

      Thanks for contacting me. I am at work today (Monday) – I’ll get back to you with details of the Forbidden Broadway disc – it was either the first or the second CD!

      Meanwhile, on account



      Andy Bell

      • The track comes from Forbidden Broadway Volume 2 DRG 12599. I don’t recall seeing it in the stores for quite a while – I bought this CD in the long departed “Ava & Susan’s” in Sydney more than a decade ago.

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