The Full Blogarific Catastrophe + Eurovisiony taster

In TFC on March 4, 2009 at 12:40 am

Hi there.  Sometime on the weekend (probably Saturday arvo – if work isn’t too hectic) I will post a “blog-only” Full Catastrophe.  I don’t want anyone suffering withdrawal symptoms while Joy does its Mardi Gras thing on Saturday night. Listen to that live then click on TFC.  Perfect!

Then on the 15th is TFC @ 50 – on-air and online.  Hooly dooly, I must bake a cake.

For now,  here’s the winner of the Song for Wales competition held on the Welsh language TV channel S4C to coincide with St David’s Day.

Mixed feelings about this.  It looks like EVERY Idolesque show that’s on-air and there seems to be a hysteria in the audience that can only be blamed on over medication and red cordial.  Then there’s the paper shredding machine malfunction… Powerful song though.

Give it a go !


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