The Blogarific Catastrophe – March 7 2009

In TFC on March 6, 2009 at 11:01 pm

Hi, g’day, shw mae bytis and welcome to a special edition of “The Full Catastrophe” at a special time.

No, not that kind of special time beloved by commercial TV.  No, the time is special because this edition of the show is a blog exclusive – so the time you see and hear it is your own time. Revolutionary!!

 On March 8 Joy 94.9 was busy bringing the delights of Mardi Gras to our listeners, so TFC stood aside is a shower of feathers and shimmer of fetish gear.

By way of keeping the entire and teetering edifice upright – oo err missus – here’s an online version.  See how you like it. Not all music, plenty of the bold, bizarre and beautiful…..

Nothing will be revealed until you click on the link!!

Something of a 1970s novelty there.  Based in the UK, but very much pitched at the American market.

Co-production or cross cultural mixes can work, but one side needs to yield to the other.  And it’s not always them damn Yankees!

The West Wing meets West Meath or some such. Talking of US politics and comedy

This edition of the Full Catastrophe is as much about the vision as it is about the music, but not always 

You see, there are people weirder than I. Online is awash with them and they ensure our beloved YouTube is full of stuff like  this

Amazing what entertains people.  What was ordinary becomes extraordinary and what was cutting edge becomes a historical and musical curiosity.

It’s not all about weird and wacky on TFC – whether online or on-air.  This show is  up to the nano-second

Suddenly the temperatures fell this week – thank god – so winter draws on (that works better as a spoken line), anyhow.  It’s time to get ready for all that footy, scarf wearing and soup drinking stuff

Time now for the Totally Useless Weather Forecast.  TFC’s contribution to news to abuse and never use. See what the barometric pressure is doing in a place you never think about and never want to go to.

Now to some very important and heartening news about one of the most influential bands of the last few decades

Now, one of the great things about this particular version of TFC is that I can play stuff I haven’t got on disc.  This next track is a favourite for many years…I am not getting churchy all of a sudden, but this kind of stuff gets you tingly and a-wondering

Now to a gay icon doing something particular to a classic song.  Now, I am not sure it is a “good thing”, but it is a “thing” and should be seen & heard … perhaps

Next is an accidental discovery of one of TFC’s most beloved artistes performing live on a TV show that used to beguile me as a kiddy. This is pure gold

Well that’s about it for this week’s technologically cutting edge TFC.  If you like it, I’ll do some more.  For now, keep listening to Joy 94.9 and don’t forget that next on the agenda is – The Full “Golden” Catastrophe.  Yep, on-air and online next Saturday (March 14) it’ll be the 50th TFC. It’ll be “special”.

Have a good week, till next week


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