TFC Playlist 28th March 2009

In TFC on March 28, 2009 at 11:46 am

Another week done and this week some musical fluff from the last decade or three of the last century and a sprinkle of indy.  As ever it’s a heady mix of soaring tunes and wobbling lyrics.  Is music infinite ? Answers on a postage stamp sent through the eye of a needle via camel.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

You Nobody Till Somebody Loves You  – Dean Martin

Too Shy – Kajagoogoo

Swinging All Day, Swinging On Nothing – Chris Tanner’s Virus

 A Melbourne legend in terms of Saturday arvo at the Laundry. The track is off an album I picked up because I thought it would be a ripper…and I was not wrong.  Live performance and local talent. Have a look for yourself!

That’s Not My Name – Ting Tings

Get It On Tonight – Montel Jordan

Kokettier Nicht Mit Mir – Gotz Alsmann mit Annett Louisan

Already featured as a YouTube link on this blog NOW here’s the CD!  Gotz Alsmann is a German musician who hosts the kind of TV variety shows that shimmer with talent.  This song is a boppy little thing from the album”Mein Gehiminis”. And here he is doing musical things to a typewriter

Can We Get Closer – Diesel

Mumbles – Oscar Peterson

Triplet – Tune Twisters

See the version from the filme “The Bandwagon” here

Come Out & Play – A.J. Bell

My Body’s A Cage – Arcade Fire

When You Walk In The Room – The Searchers

Little Blue Riding Hood – Stan Freberg

Who Said Gay Paree – David Kernan

Kernan was one of the stalwarts of the breakthrough UK satire show “That Was The Week That Was” which launched the career of David Frost, among others and shattered British cosiness for ever in the early 1960s.  He, along with Millicent martin, was “the singer” and went on to perform on stage in many a musical show.  In later years he has been a deviser of shows saluting composers and lyricists – this track came from a COle Porter mash up.  Here’s David Kernan as a performer

Here Comes The Sun – Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Chorus Youth Choris

Fitz & Dizzy Spells – Andrew Bird

Seasons Change – Sylk 130

Never Let It Go – Afro-Dite

Fireball – The Flee-Rekkers

Dirty Old Man – Some Like It Hot (Cast)

You’ll Loose A Good Thing – Baranara Lynn

Hot Suff – DJ Miko


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