The Full “Come In Spinner” Catastrophe Playlist 25/4/09

In TFC on April 25, 2009 at 12:53 pm

A slight dip of the lid to things military on this special day – but it’s at an odd angle.  No surprise there.

My previous post takes a rather more traditional approach to Anzac Day. 

So let’s get into it.


The One & Only – Chesney Hawkes

Night Train – James Brown

Crying In The Chapel – Peter Blakely

Manana – Peggy Lee

Homework – Otis Rush

That’s Him – Dawn Upshaw

##### Musical Cabbage – Chris Tanner’s Virus

A fine Melbourne band that entertains on Saturdays in at  Laundry Fitzroy.  Chris Tanner’s Virus is well worth a listen. The tracks played all have an energy that comes from live performance featured on the album “Gypsy Tea Room.  There’s great warmth and wit here, not to mention talent.

Sing, Sing, Sing

Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby

Little Girl

And if jazz is or may be your ‘bag, don’t forget Joy’s Bent Notes @ 7pm on Sundays.


O Julissi – Ishtar

As part of the build-up to the madness that is the Eurovision Song Contest here’s last year’s effort from Belgium.  It’s a country where language is a major issue and has the potential to smash the place apart. So what did they do? Make up a language and hope for the best.  Opinion was sharply divided, but I think it’s cute.  Have a look at the actual performance.

I Miss You – Blink 182

Puttin’On The Ritz – Judy Garland

A great standard sung by one of the great singers. Mel Brooks say it somewhat differently in his film “Young Frankenstein”

Boum – Charles Trenet

After Lights Out – Spike Milligan

Some World War 2 memories from a man whose humour and long term mental state were by-products of being in the front line.  See more Spike lunacy here.  

Dora Goes To Town – Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire

Stop, Stop, Stop – The Hollies

Casair San Adhar – Nad Aislingean

Not a made up language, but the lilting Scottish Gaelic. Want to know more?? Have a wee peak here. This track is off a compilation of Gaelic punk and electronica.  Alba gu brath!

Woodman, Woodman Spare That Tree – Phil Harris

Light My Fire – Shirley Bassey

Must Be Luff – Monsieur Camembert

Lollipop – The Mudlarks

Dreamweaver – Erin Hamilton


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