The Full “Eurovision” Catastrophe – Playlist 15/5/09

In TFC on May 16, 2009 at 12:42 pm

In what I intend to become a long and very silly tradition, the Saturday of Eurovision is two hours of TFC celebration. Celebrating the ESC’s amazing status as a mix of extraordinary music, geopolitics, high camp and mangled vowels. Its highs are stratospheric, its lows are mindbogglingly awful. Terry Wogan won’t be there in the commentary booth this year, but click on the link to see what he thinks!

Hence this lot:

Miss Kiss Kiss Bang – Alex Swings, Oscar Swings (Germany-2009)

Making Your Mind Up – Bucks Fizz (Winner – 1981 UK)



Vi Maler Byen Rod – Birthe Kjaer (3rd – Denmark 1989)

Power To All Our Friends – Cliff Richard (3rd 1973 UK)

Un Banc, Un arbre, Un rue – Severine (1st 1971 Monaco)

Insieme 1992 – Toto Cutugno (1st Italy 1990)

Musical Cabbage – Eurovision 2002 Pick the order

Samo Ljubezen – Sestre (Croatia – Equal 13th)

Tell Me Who You Are – Marlene Winther Mortensen (Denmark – 24th & last)

Il Faut Du Temps – Sandrine Francois ( France 5th)

Irelande Douze Points – Dustin The Turkey (Ireland 2008 – failed to qualify for the final)

Rock & Roll Kids – Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan (Ireland 1994 Inexplicably first)

Super Extra Wonder Shop – Nina (Last in the 1973 Finnish song contest, Finland’s entry “Tom, Tom, Tom” came 7th)

It’s Just A Game – Bendik Singers (7th 1973 Norway)

Het Er Nytt Under Solen – Ase Kleveland (3rd 1966 Norway)

A remarkable performance of this song was given by Ase Kleveland four decades later at the funeral of its composer and Norwegian musical great Arne Bendiksen. Watch it here 

Tom Billibi – Jacqueline Boyer (First 1960 France)

Neke Mi Ne Suane – Danijella (5th 1998 Croatia)

Die Troubadour – Lenny Kuhr (Equal First 1969 Netherlands)

Lapponia – Monica Aspelund (10th 1977 Finland)

Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son – France Gall (First 1965 Luxembourg)

Take Me To Your Heaven Charlotte Nilsson (First 1999 Sweden)

Tipi Tii – Marion Rung (Equal 7th 1962 Finland)

Un Jour, Un Enfant – Frida Boccara (Equal First 1969 France)

Diva – Dana International (First 1998 Israel)

Believe – Dima Bilan (First 2008 Russia)


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