Eurovision 2009 – Aftermath

In TFC on May 19, 2009 at 1:22 am

The show’s over, now time to ponder. 

After writing yesterday’s blog I wandered down Elizabeth Street and saw a sight to behold.  Two guys holding hands during the lunchtime kerfuffle with no one taking much notice of them…apart from me! My mind then went back to Moscow where a couple of dozen gay rights protesters were dealt with in manner that bordered on downright evil. Melbourne and Moscow: a tale of two cities.

Let us not forget the hateful pictures from outside the ESC venue as we still treasure the brilliance of the show and the fabulous time we had watching it.

Time to sobor up a bit. Time for a reality check.

Moscow’s deputy mayor,  Valery Vinogradov, told a media conference that the organisers of future Eurovision Song Contests “will find it hard to match the standard set in Moscow.” 

Inside the hall the standard was exceptional, outside it was frightening.

Vinogradov, the man who was in charge of the city’s preparations for the event, said: “I would not mix up incompatible things: the Eurovision television contest and attempts to hold a gay parade.” 

That takes the sparkle off the evening more than somewhat.

Let us still “glitter and be gay”, but at the same time never forget that there is still darkness abroad.

To read more about GLBTI rights in Moscow, go to the “Time” website.


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