The Full Catastrophe – June 27th 2009

In TFC on June 27, 2009 at 12:47 pm

The Radiothon is over, but there’s no end to the music and TFC.

The death of Michael Jackson meant many things to many people.  To me, it shines a glorious light on the power of music and performance.  It means acknowledging the frailty of us all.  It shows – no pun or disrespect intended – that life is not a black and white issue.

A voice has, indeed, been stilled.  A singer for so many generations is no more.

To this week’s playlist:

Finale – Annie Get Your Gun (Soundtrack)

Showbiz and then some.  From a rip roaring musical by Irving Berlin. If you don’t believe me have a squizz

Ain’t No Sunshine – Michael Jackson

Informer – Snow

Sunshine After The Rain -Berri

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise – Stan Freberg

 Stan Freberg was a rock-and-roll satirist in the 50’s. He put together a number of comedy records that were very popular and he was among the best at producing parodies of hit songs in the early days of rock-and-roll. Whatever happened to musical humour ?  There’s wit a-plenty these days, but not much piss taking.

Tra La La – Liz Phair & Material Issue

Kids – Bye Bye Birdie (Cast)

Cottonmouth – Sam Sparro

Chic Habit – April March

Movin’ On – Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir

Wild Thing – The Troggs

Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles

You’ve Got What It Takes – Marv Johnson

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Connie & Carla (Soundtrack)

Happy Feet – Temperance 7

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Dean Martin

Pearls – Henry Manetta & The Trip

One – U2

I Can Cook Too – Sally Mayes

Hi Biscuit – A J Bell

Hommage Aux Recolteurs – Bruce Daigrefont

Cajun music never ceases to delight, for more go here

Round Round – Sugercubes


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