The Full Catastrophe – Playlist July 25th Program 69!

In TFC on July 25, 2009 at 12:47 pm

‘Tis almost August – where did all those months go? It’s almost footy finals time and I am well prepared with a freshly ironed Bulldogs bobble hat and annual leave locked in.  Bring it on boys!

This week’s show is one of the stranger mixes – although it does lack opera & Honduran hip-hop. It’ll come.


Well All Right – The Andrews Sisters

Owner Of The Lonely Heart – Yes

Desperate Hours – Marc Almond

Miss Kiss Kiss Bang – Alex Swings, Oscar Sings

Haleliwia – Brigyn

Fyswn I, Fysa Ti ? – Brigyn

The title means “I would, would you?”

Julie Do You Love Me ? – Bobby Sherman

The title means…see above!

Let’s Fall In Love – Stephane Grappelli

Apel Direct – Django Reinhardt

Stephane & Django combined to create one of the few non-American jazz styles when they formed the Quintet Du Hot Club Du France. Grappelli played the violin in a way that milked every ounce of romance out of a tune, while Django’s guitar style came of necessity.  His hand was crippled in a fire when he was a teenager. Apart they were fine musicians, together they were blissful. And their style and joie de vivre lives on!

Gay Messiah – Rufus Wainwright

Sincerely – Liberace

He sued a British paper for alluding that he might be gay…he won and he was!  Read all about it.

Have a dose of 1960s camp

Stay With The Happy People – The Fraser Hayes Four

There was a time when ALL radio comedy shows had musical interludes.  This one is from the outrageous 1960s show on BBC radio called “Round The Horne” which presented two regular gay characters (Julian & Sandy) and a whole host of comic grotesques.  Well worth a listen on the link indicated above.

The Alley Cat Song – Peggy Lee

There Won’t Be Trumpets – Mandy Patinkin

If I Only Had A Brain – Abbey Lincoln

Celebrate 70 years of the Wizard of Oz

How Do I Live ? – Debra Michaels

Turn Your Radio On – Grandpa Jones

Yesterdays – Barbra Streisand

Do It Again – Marilyn Monroe 

The Heart Of Saturday Night – Tom Waits

The Underwater World Of Jah Custeau – Original Rockers




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