The Full Catastrophe Playlist August 8th

In TFC on August 8, 2009 at 12:51 pm

Hello Catastrophe-ettes, how is August treating you ? It’s my natal month (which might not surprise you!) and it’s the time of year which still discombobulates me. When I was a little tacker in the U of K my birthday was during school holidays so it was always spent sweltering in 17 degree heat.  Now I am a certified Australian, I spend my big day shivering in temperatures of…17 degrees.  Little wonder I can appear a little “touched”.

I treated myself to an early pressie this week when I pounced on a boxed set of the sensational “Strangers with Candy” TV show from Comedy Central. It was a truly warped, weird & wacky show which first assailed me when I was holed up in an Atlanta motel for a month ten years ago. Here’s a taste of its queerer side.

And talking of the queer side…open the envelope Esmerelda and announce the playlist.


Kicking & Screaming – The Presets

Geraldine – Glasvegas

Buddy’s Blues – Geraldine Turner

Can We Be Friends – Mildred Bailey

I’m Down To My Last Cigarette – kd lang

Good Lover – D-Influence

Jambalaya – Joel Sonnier

Sunny – Twinset

Whiro Tangihia – Whirimako Black

Gyda’n Gilydd – TNT

King Of The World – Ty Taylor (Songs For  A New World – Cast)

A track from a show called “Songs for a New World” which is staged later this week here in Melbourne. It’s a show packed with good tunes and more than good lyrics. More about the production here

Baggy Trousers – Madness

In The Bath – Flanders & Swan

Intervention – Arcade Fire

I’ll Be There – Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Youth Chorus

Funkier Than A Mosquito’s Tweeter – Henry Manetta & The Trip

Maybe This Time – Connie & Carla (Soundtrack)

Better Than I – David Campbell

War Dance Of The Wooden Indians – The Beau Hunks

The Dutch Beau Hunks (it was the title of a laurel & hardy film) revive the music of Raymond Scott, without whom we would have no disco beat. Honest. He was THE pioneer of electronic production of music.  This particular track combines an actual Scott broadcast with the Beau Hunks weaving the musical magic.

One Flight Down – Norah Jones

3 Paperdub – Breaker

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