The Full Catastrophe August 22nd 2009

In TFC on August 22, 2009 at 12:53 pm

Like to update blog look ?  A change is as good as a liquorice allsort or cheese sandwich I always say. You have to think the boffins and biffinettes @ wordpress.com are pretty clever – one click of a mouse and I went all column-y !

The blog may look different, but the assortment of this, that and the other remains the same.  So scroll down and drink it in.


Does It Feel Good 2 You ? – Foreal People

Slow Gin – Loka Nunda

A track from Loka’s newly released album.  A mate and a true musical original…sexy geezer too!

Hold On Tight – Judith Durham

One of the great voices. Here she is singing one of her most memorable songs.

Until Now – Sally Mayes

Temptation – Sandra Lawrence

This Week Americans – Do I Hear A Waltz (Cast)

This musical combined the then failing talents of a theatre great (Richard Rogers) and the developing skills of a soon to be theatre legend (Stephen Sondheim)

Catwalk – The Gadflys

Shadows – Rufus Wainwright

Touch Of Evil – Henry Mancini

The theme from a noiresque movie that is well worth a squizz.  It is full of grotesque characters and dodgy make-up. It is famous for this opening shot.

I Was So Young – Bobby Short

Urbane, sassy and gay. Bobby Short wowed the cocktail quaffing types in New York and beyond for decades.

Get Happy – Ella Fitzgerald 

Background To History – Monty Python

I Wish I Were A Princess – Little Peggy March

 My One & Only – The Cliquot Club Eskimos

A Gershwin tune played with 20s aplomb by a band with the coolest of names and they wore cool costumes

Time, Love & Tenderness – Michael Bolton

Toll The Bell Easy – Les Hobeaux

This Old Heart Of Mine – Isley Brothers

Arms Around The World – Louise

Three Little Maids – Cool Mikado (Soundtrack)

Gilbert & Sullivan may be “old hat” to many, but it has been re-versioned and sampled and mashed-up from the get go.  What does that tell us ? That Sir Arthur Sullivan’s music is sturdy and supple at the same time.  He was the ABBA of his age.  Here’s a 1930s take on this song.

All Of Me – Frank Sinatra

Broc Mor – Endaf Emlyn

I’m Sailin’ – Mazzy Star

  1. Hi Andy!

    I’ve tried to find Until Now – Sally Mayes, but can’t find it anywhere… does anyone know where I could download it (legally, of course)

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