Random Ramblings

In TFC on September 25, 2009 at 12:37 am

No through narrative this time.  Just some paragraphs in no particular order – nothing much new there, I hear you cry.


*I have just seen the remarkable phrase “lifestyle apartments” on a billboard on Flemington Road.  Whose lifestyle ?, I wondered.  “Over there is the ensuite, the fully equipped dungeon is here … the roman blinds are double lined. Then there’s the building’s internal cable system which has James Dean, Fred Astaire and Johnny Depp movies on a continuous loop.”

*Then there’s humour.  If you like it dry and sans jokes (per se) and don’t mind some occasionally obscure references this is for you!

*Grand Final tip – Geelong by 15 points.

*And finally.  There’s “The Full ‘Grand Final’ Catastrophe” on Saturday night from 9 on Joy 94.9.  Every club will be celebrated musically – albeit somewhat tangentially in some cases.  There’ll be half time entertainment and the threat of constant meat pies. Fear not, there’ll be no in-depth analysis of the game or live crosses to the sheds. Truth to tell – which is not the same as saying “to be totally frank” – it’ll be the usual weird mix with a thin veneer holding it together.  So tune in or log on at a non special time for two hours of this, that and the other.


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