The Full “Grand Final” Catastrophe II – Playlist

In TFC on September 26, 2009 at 12:55 pm

In a tradition dating back to 2008, TFC celebrates the AFL’s Grand Final with a program dedicated to our winter heroes.  Each team has a song and even the umps get a look in.

So whether you are a “Catter” or resolutely non footballingly feline here is the playlist in all its excruciating glory.


Golden Brown (Hawthorn) – The Stranglers

Eagle (West Coast) – ABBA

The Devil Is A Woman (Melbourne) – Herb Jeffries

Deep Purple (Fremantle) – Nino Tempo & April Stevens

Cell Block Tango (Port Adelaide) – Cast Chicago

Now this is really pushing it.  Port’s traditional guernsey (which it still plays in the SANFL) looks like this.

Collingwood won’t agree to this design being worn in the AFL – except in heritage games – but it remains the club’s iconic uniform…and it’s known as the jailbars, hence this track. Trust me.

Twee-Twee-Tweet (Adelaide) – Cab Calloway

The Crows celebrated by a noted japestar of the big band and jazz scene in Harlem.

O Passo Do Kangaru (North Melbourne) – Carmen Miranda

This is a very, very long bow – but where would TFC AND footy be without Carmen Miranda??

Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues (Carlton) – Lena Horne

Taste Of Blood (Sydney/South Melbourne) – Mazzy Star

The Swans are also known as the Bloods hence the track.

Rouge Et Noir (Essendon) – Cast Les Miserables


Thunder & Lightning (The Tradition) – National Band Of New Zealand

I Can Do Without You (The Umpires) – Doris Day & Howard Keel

It’s not easy being an ump … or a ref in other codes.  The target of constant abuse and never celebrated.  So this is for the men in fluoro.

Kicks (What It’s All About) – Jolie Jenkins, Audrey Klinger & Lynette Perry

If I Lose (For The Supporters) – The Stanley Brothers


Lion In Your Bed (Brisbane/Fitzroy) – Edward Guglielmino

White & Black Blues (Collingwood) – Joelle Ursull

Doggin’ Around (Western Bulldogs) – Jackie Wilson

Black & Gold (Richmond) – Sam Sparro

Ben (Special bonus Punt Road track)  – Michael Jackson

One of this year’s BIG footy stories was the arrival of Ben Cousins at Richmond after his drug travails in WA.

The Saint (St Kilda) – Cyril Stapleton & The Eliminators

The theme from a 1960s TV show starring Roger Moore.  He was debonair man about town who solved international crime.  The program’s logo was appropriated by St Kilda for a period.

Josie & The Pussycats (Geelong) – Juliana & Tanya Donnelly

So we salute this year’s Premier AND dip our lid to the HannaBarbera Studios

Leaps & Bounds (The MCG) – Paul Kelly


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