Sports News Update

In TFC on October 25, 2009 at 8:29 am

All Ireland is stunned by the news that a hurling star is gay!

Hurling hero

Hurling hero

Donal Og Cusack has just published his autobiography and here he is talking about it on RTE’s legendary “Late, Late Show”.

As you would expect there has been lots of reaction. and excellent analysis. The blogs are at it also.

And you can watch the yarn on RTE TV News

And then there’ s a Welsh rugby union referee’s coming out story. Nigel is a top whistleman whose story is a triumph over fear and doubt.

Hoyw hero (Hoyw = gay)

Hoyw hero (Hoyw = gay)

This article reviews a translation of Nigel Owen’s Welsh language autobiography – I have a copy of “Hanner Amser” if you want to borrow it!

All this makes you wonder when the AFL will takes its place alongside the other great sports with a player or ump  coming out.

It’ll come boys and girls.  And if you are a sportshead like me – Doris Day and Aker do mix – don’t forget our very own Sports Lounge on Joy 94.9.


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