Stephen Gateley aftermath UPDATE

In TFC on October 28, 2009 at 11:35 pm

This is as a major re-write, now update, of my previous blog on the subject of  how the media covered and continues to cover the death of Boyzone’s Stephen Gateley.

First, some nice stuff and the plans of Boyzone to pay tribute to their mate.

Now, the media fallout.

There has been a huge, and I mean HUGE, ruckus over this article regarding the way Stephen Gateley’s death.  The reaction was swift with the Guardian at the forefront. Here’s an Australian take on it.

Now this from Matthew Parris, an out gay man who used to be a British Conservative MP and is now a highly regarded columnist.

As the dust settles somewhat, there’s been this – an apology of sorts.  In any case , the whole brouhaha is under investigation. 

Meanwhile in Ireland, where the folk are still reeling from a top hurler coming out, it’s worth considering how the broadcaster RTE dealt with Steven Gateley’s partner in the grieving pecking order.

Whatever your view on this sad story, this is a very interesting  “sit rep” on where “we” are … at least in western europe.


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