Welsh wonders – Da Iawn Pobol y Cwm

In TFC on November 8, 2009 at 2:11 am

It’s the UK’s only five night’s a week soapie, it’s NOT in English and it’s been nominated for a Stonewall Award for the way it’s portrayed GLBT characters!!

It’s “Pobol y Cwm” (People of the Valley)

It’s where  Ioan Gruffudd got his start.

Here’s an excerpt with subtitles in English and featuring a UK “Big Brother” type!

Hurlers coming out, Welsh soapies doing the right thing and Gay Gaels .  Those Celts are setting a great standard.

Llogyfarchion  pobl “Pobol y Cwm” – pe tai ambell i fachan hoyw wedi wedi bod yng Ngwmderi yn yr 70au a’r 80au mi fyswn i wedi gwylio mwy o weithiau!

Congratulations “Pobol y Cwm” people – if there had been a few gay blokes in Cwmderi (the soapie’s location) in the 70s and 80s I would have watched more regularly!

  1. Gyda llaw, dyma linc fwy diweddar o Iolo White yn ei holl ogoniant 😉 Gydag isdeitlau ar y sgrin “for our Australian friends”

  2. […] Wedi ymateb angredadwy i’m post parthed “Pobol Y Cwm” a’i henwebiad go gyfer gwobryon “Stonewall”, […]

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