Oi Matilda, what are you going on about….?

In TFC on November 14, 2009 at 4:33 am
Now some of you may have clock on the link to my new blog and found it’s in a funny lingo.  Well, to give you a weird and wacky taste of one of my Welsh language posts here is that post translated by “Google Translate”.  It’s sorta understandable, but gets a little strange at times … and it really isn’t like that.  Honest!
The third blog with “Google Translate” has completely failed me.

No cyfeithiad about “bauble” so her baubles!

The reason for the title? Small essay about the nature of this country – and Australian cultural cringe (cultural cringe) – someone has no idea about a term for “cringe”?

Ta worse.

Tiger Woods is playing in the Masters in Melbourne (Australian Masters) in Kingston heath and the city has become dwlali tap its terms
 papers full of stories with headlines like “Tiger Hunt” and “Tiger Mania” and the TV channels are giving attention to every movement of great golfers – with the exception of his visits to the toilet. No joke. And the golf itself but the beginning of the bore’ma (Thursday 12 Nov).

The country has changed dramatically since I met for the first time in 1985. Mhell be in the reality of the world have gone away thanks to the satellite and the web. But the feeling is still strong despite all (Oprah, Lady Ga-Ga, Letterman) and everything (fashion Park Avenue, blackberries, football shirts latest Man U).

The visit will experience the Tiger Woods thing in my opinion as Awstraliwr new (naturalised …. “Certified Australian” perhaps!)

The media in worship as a creature of the world beyond and the “chapel” of the golf course under her sang. For once we are “part of the world” – the real world, the Uniol States + europe. This is an opportunity to feel part of a large family west. Globalism is killing the local spirit.

And we are not far from country foslem fwya’r world – Indonesia. And we are not far from the frontline of the battle against “the new weather” – the Pacific islands of the sea.


Baubles? Shiny things but knacks, which are used by people from far away to allow them to take advantage of the local population.

Morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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