The Full Catastrophe – November 14th

In TFC on November 14, 2009 at 11:54 am

What a week ! Bilingual blogging madness, tweeting like a mad thing AND spring cleaning around the place.  Time to kick off the ugg boots, pour a creme de menthe and listen to da tunes. 


One More Night – Amber

One Hand Loose – Charlie Feathers

The king of rockabilly reigns over TFC.

Yetsreday’s Hero – Ignatius Jones

Baby It’s Cold Outside – Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting

I Don’t Need It – D-Bug

O Julissi – Ishtar

This was almost in the Fabulous Files, but breathing difficulties confounded it. It was Belgium’s effort to send the Eurovision Song Contest into a linguistic tizz in 2008.  A cute song in a made up language.  It failed dismally.  I think the increasing wheeziness of the perfomance may have counted against them.  If they’d have stayed still it might have done better….

To Ata Mene Mai –  Whirimako Black

Triste – Jobin Regina

Let’s Get Together – The Youngbloods

Holding To The Ground – Faith Prince

One of the great songs by William Finn from the show “Falsettos”, which dealt with relationships., coming out, marriage and HIV.  Gina Riley sang the song in the Australian production about ten years ago.

Allan’s Dream – The Sharp

For All We Know – Shirley Bassey

Linger Awhile – Chris Tanner’s Virus

I’m So Ashamed – Peter Sellers

The Day Before You Came – ABBA

It’s Good To Have You Near Again – Leontyne Price

Gay Messiah – Rufus Wainwright

Perky Little Porn Star – Tony Davis

Clouds – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Ace In The Hole – Mary Jane Walsh

He’s In Town – Rockin’ Berries

Parasite – The Gadflys


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