Name game

In TFC on November 16, 2009 at 2:11 am

Names are important.  Unless you are a new sporting franchise/brand/delivery system.

The sports fans of Melbourne are being asked to select the name of the city’s new A-League football (soccer) team.

The choice is one of those choices that is nothing of the sort.  It’s an exercise in faux interaction with the public. That is, prepare a list that is brimming in mediocrity (courtesy of a consultant or three, no doubt) and that shuts up those – like me – who prefer a mixture of romance & reality to merchandising possibilities &  vision statements.

Here are the “choices”:

“Melbourne Heart” – the existing name of the franchise.

“Sporting Melbourne FC” – a rip off of “Sporting Lisbon”, an iconic Portuguese club

“Melburnians” – a rip off of Hibernian (Scotland) + Bohemians (Ireland)

“Melbourne Revolution” – a rip off of  the New England Revolution (US MLS)

Suggestions like the Melbourne Now, the Melbourne Totally Awesomes, the Melbourne Shenanigans and the Melbourne Not Sydneys must have been far too silly to be considered suitable for such an auspicious list.

We already have a Melbourne in the A-Leaguue, the splendid Victory.  So how about going the other way ?  Yarra Rangers ? Port Phillip United ?  Gee, they almost sound like football team names.

And here’s my suggestion for the team colours.

The Melbourne Vomits

Now a late football result:  Forfar 4 East Fife 5 (say it out loud)


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