Top Gear grump

In TFC on November 22, 2009 at 12:01 am

How is your blood pressure ?  Not high enough ? Then read on.

“I do not think that someone who objects to homosexual parents is a retarded homophobe. I believe they have an opinion. But, that said, I emphatically don’t agree that lesbians necessarily make better parents than me.”

Who said that ? A lauded philosopher ?  A highly acclaimed pediatrician ? Nah. Jeremy Clarkson – the bloke from Top Gear. 

Want to read more of this bilge ? Give it a go despite the content! 

Still tuning in to Top Gear every week ?

Freedom of expression is one thing – and Clarkson keeps reminding us that it is an important thing – but freedom to be snarky and not much else  is quite another. His  incessant sniping and portrayal of stereotypes isn’t very useful to the debate.   He has a view and that is that. Clarkson’s style is say it, say it and say it again – then it must be true. Add a layer of “humour” and all is fine.  Anyone criticising is a humourless nerk.

So come on revheads, offer Jeremy a quiet drive off road.  And when you pull up for a smoko or picnic, have a bit of a debate with him.  




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