The Virtual Catastrophe – 12/12/09

In TFC on December 12, 2009 at 7:52 am

No “to air” show this week, but a mini, virtual TFC is here to sate the desires – whatever they may be.

Back to “normal’ next week and on Boxing Day it’ll be a “Catastrophic Christmas” with T&A (Tim and Andy).  A bit different to the usual – well, not that different, but Tim will be in on the hullabaloo. He is fully certified to do that now – I think that is the correct term.

Any how that’s then, this is now.  As TFC was bumped (in the nicest possible way) by “Carols By Queerlight” let’s get cracking with something seasonal.

Startlingly beautiful.  Now for something with a bit more grunt.

Can’t beat two superstars in drag and a mega star with a ukulele.  Speaking of stars.

Of course, audio quality varies somewhat on these YouTube clips, but what the heck. 

Let’s get away from YT for just a moment.  Here is a tiny clip of a song I will move heaven and earth to get into my hands during 2010. It’s from a song called “Nuts” by the wonderful George Melly. After last week’s response to “Balls”, you should all be pleased.

Now to get bang up to date and sexy!

Staying in the hood, but a bit jazzier.

Time to mark the celebration of Hanukkah now … but  somewhat irreverently !

Staying with our friends in the north.  And this song has adult themes!

And if that was too upsetting

Almost thirty years ago this next song was a top seller and stirred many awakenings in many people.  I know, I was one of them!

And while we are getting steamy and sleazy

OMG.  Better bring virtual proceedings to a halt.  Thanks for clicking and all that.  TFC returns to the airwaves on December 19th.

Till than, have a good week till next week.


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