A visitor

In TFC on December 17, 2009 at 10:05 am

I like visitors.  Particularly when they are old friends (and flames) and they give me the chance to not only catch up on their lives and loves, but also throw up the opportunity to find out more about the place I live.

That’s what I did on Wednesday.  I was initially not all that enthused about a river and bay cruise, but a “two for the price of one” offer got me over the line,  My visitor, who shall be known as Vaughan as that is who he is, was very keen.  Within ten minutes or so of chug-chug on the Yarra I was totally onside.

Seeing Melbourne and its docks from the water rather than the seat of a #55 tram or the Upfield line was an eye-opener.

The old wharves and the sparkly and impossibly fabulous apartment blocks.  The Westgate Bridge in all its highness, the container ships in all their hugeness, the bulk carriers in all their non-shipness. Too, too wonderful.

Vaughan’s questions about “what’s that” and “how come that’s there” also revealed my scratchy knowledge about this city I call home.  Something must be done.

So I will get cracking and get some learning tout suite.

I do like visitors.


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