The Full “Christmas is coming” Catastrophe

In TFC on December 19, 2009 at 9:54 pm

Ooo err.  Santa is cranking up his efforts, his helpers are hard at it (phnarr phnarr) and stockings are hanging in anti———ci——–pation.

So here we are with the TFC pre-Christmas rush. Off to the Express Till.


For Once In My Life – Stevie Wonder

Push The Button – Sugababes

Minnie The Moocher – Ed Wilson’s Wacky Big Band

On The Bible – Duece

Green Christmas – Stan Freberg

Tighten Up – Archie Bell (no relation) & The Drells

Gwyliwch Y Ferch – Sian James

Hung Punk Dude – Loka Nunda

I’ve Had Enough – The Who

Lafayette Two-step – D L Menard

Just For A Thrill – Ray Charles

Tatalibaba – Celia Cruz

You Belong To Me – Taylor Swift

The Only Way Is Up – Yazz & The Plastic Population

Michelle – Ausculate

Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf – Pinky & Perky

Talking In Your Sleep – The Romantics

Before Too Long – Paul Kelly

Nothing – Chorus Line (Cast)

Shaking The Blues Away – Doris Day

I’ll Be There – Melbourne Gay & Lesbian Youth Chorus

And that is the playlist.  Tim will join me for a “Christmas Catastrophe” on December 26th. 

Happy Christmas/Nadolig Llawen – and may all your turkeys be well stuffed.


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