Random is my accident and I live in his courtyard

In TFC on December 29, 2009 at 10:57 am

The end of a year and of a decade.  Got here in one piece – more or less.

This time of year is when most people “audit” their lives. What have I done ? Why have I done it ? Whose underpants are those ?

One of the great things about the last few years for me has been finally getting the “Full Catastrophe” up as a radio show and, surprisingly & delightfully, becoming part of this blogosphere lark.

The digital decade has brought many blessings and a few curses.  I reckon the blessings far outnumber the other things, but I never forget the threat of  a curse or two ! 

In my humble view, technology is not “a good  thing” just because it is technology.  Use it well and it rewards, sit back and it screws you up like everything else.

Of course, it can screw up while being used well.  This blog’s title is the Google Translate version of a line of Welsh poetry.  It’s about where you end up and I was writing on my Welsh language blog about ending up in Melbourne.  As is my habit, I then cut and pasted the blatherings and translated them into English.

Thusly, “damwain a hap yw fy mod yn ei libart yn byw” –  which sorta, kinda means that it’s a happy accident that you live there in its confines – became  “random is my accident and I live in his courtyard”.  Now, that’s my kind of sentence!!  Thanks Google Translate.  More power to your nobbly thing half way down your arm.

From my courtyard I bid you a happy and gorgeous New Year.


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