What a won-do’h-ful world

In TFC on January 15, 2010 at 9:35 am

I fancy many people are like me and have not so much fallen out of love with the “Simpsons“, but moved on from Springfield.  

We still visit from time to time, but aren’t across the minutiae of Homer, Krusty, Millhouse and Kent Brockman (my journalism hero) and their lives & loves.

The show was revolutionary and edgy, but it has gone the way of all televisual flesh and taken on the feel of a familiar and very fluffy slippers. Few programs go out at the top of their game: “The Wire”, “Fawlty Towers” and not many others.  Blood must be squeezed from a creative stone.

We who like our cartoons sassy and out there have migrated through “South Park” to “King of the Hill” to “Family Guy” to “Bernard – the ambivalent homosexual accountant”. One of those titles is made up…or is it?

Anyhoo (“Simpsons” reference), with those funky four-fingered yellow people celebrating a 20th anniversary we should pause and pay homage.

The “Guardian” newspaper has an article on the “Simpson’s” 20 best moments.

My best moment ?

Homer being told that while the rest of the family lavish attention on Santa’s Little Helper (their dog), he could always cuddle the cat. 

He replied: “what’s the point?”

This reporter thinks that is a peach.

And if you think ths “Simpsons” is “just” a cartoon …

And in Georgia, they’ve got their own yellow family which ISN’T the Simpsons …. honest guv.

  1. It kinda looks like an unhealthy obsession with Angelina Jolie in Georgia (what other kind is there?) .. but I don’t think the Simpsons has lost any chutzpah … I still love finding a new episode, but that’s the hard part on commercial tv because certain series get repeated endlessly .. part of a contractual agreement? …

    • I think the comment on repeated repeats is well made. I wonder if the DVD box sales have suffered as a result.
      Perhaps my reason for wandering away from Homer et al is that there are many more fart gags on “Family Guy”

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