Underground, but clear to see

In TFC on February 1, 2010 at 10:12 am

There’s been a bit of coverage in recent days about alleged “double lives”, “sleazy” sexual goings on, “swingers” and “underground worlds”.

All this intermingled with tragedy.  It’s a potent mix … or is it ? 

The media, certain parts of it anyway, get their freshly ironed and never soiled knickers in a considerable knot about things like this.

But, for one cotton picking moment, can some scribblers and columnists pause and consider this: reality is messy, mistake ridden, silly, profound, difficult, sexual, contradictory … and a hell of a lot more besides.  It is seldom black and white, however much many would wish it to be.

A bit more honesty and a little less purience would be good.  Some respect also.


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