No show

In TFC on February 28, 2010 at 2:17 pm

It was an odd feeling at 9 o’clock on Saturday February 27 not to be sticking a Doris Day/Pet Shop Boys/Frank Whiplestone & The Rhythm Rascals CD into the slot and kicking off a show.

I sought solace in the printed word and here’s what I found. “This is the age of contrivance … we are deceived and obstructed by the very machines we make to enlarge our vision”: Daniel Boorstin (“The Image”). Deep and meaningful, but pretty much on the money.  We have the ability to know more, see more and hear more than ever before, but it’s the size of the screen or the shine of the gadget that seems to entrap us.

Why is this so? Is this a bad thing ? 

History teaches us plenty, but we rarely bother to attend the classes ! So here is a very pithy tutorial about jumping to conclusions about delivery systems.

Then there’s other terrifying technological innovation: the fixed line telephone.

And the lesson, brothers and sisters? Plus ca change, plus les meme chose – and we’re stuck with it!


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