I was there – really a Melbourne storm

In TFC on March 6, 2010 at 8:17 pm

As broadcast on TFC on Joy 94.9 at 2100 6/3/10.

Where you there when Melbourne’s arvo sky turned into frightening night ?

It was truly when the ‘here and now’ and ‘what comes next’ collided and collapsed upon each other.

When rain became a terrifying curtain and hail stacked high.

Did you see the storm front bearing down, On B-O-M radar turning yellow, red, then black…so black ?

Did you stare in wonder and then a bit in fear, that nature – definitely a mother of some sort this day – pulled out all the stops ?

Did pesto-like be-drizzled cars take your breathe away ? Did shreaded trees and slip sliding trams remove your kilter ?

Were you there when comfortable afternoon took off its cardigan and showed an anger well beyond itself ?

If you did, you were blessed. You didn’t miss seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting a Saturday of remarkable skies and drenched belows.

 Cosy and warm isn’t always the place to be.

  1. […] Cerdd am genllysg yw hi ac yn yr iaith fain.  O bosib, cewch weld dogeral yn y Gymraeg yn y man! […]

  2. […] Ac yn awr, y tywydd Nid wyf erioed wedi gweld tywydd o’r fath. Roedd e’n ddigon i yrru rhywun i geisio creu cerdd. […]

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