The Full “he’s baaaaaaaaaaack” Catastrophe – March 6th 2010

In TFC on March 6, 2010 at 9:54 pm

High above, the dawn is waking,
And my tears are falling rain,
For the Mardi Gras (parade)  is over;
We may never meet again.

Well, tish tosh and other colourful affectations.  TFC is back with 38% more fabulousness, additional raised eyebrow and original poetry.

And even, as promised, Tallulah Bankhead.

And to get the lowdown on Eurovision’s “Super Saturday”

And after all  that palavar, tell them what they’ve won Dolores.


Too Shy – Kajagoogoo

This is the 1980s par excellence – I know, I was there !

I Know What I Want – Pitbull

What Is Wrong With Grooving – Letta Mbulu

One of South Africa’s great exports.

My Way – The Platters

Love.com – Jampack

Teach Me Tonight – Wally’s Swing World

Santa Cruz, CA’s gift to the musical world.

Bad Habits – Ed Wilson’s Wacky Big Band

Last Train To Clarksville – The Monkees

Keep On The Sunny Side – The Whites

Fotoromanza – Alfredo Rey e la sua Orchestra

Right Said Fred – Bernard Cribbins

Before Bernard was a regular on Doctor Who he was a comic actor and purveyor of very silly songs

Ring Of Joy – Pansy Division

Jitterbug Waltz – Vince Guaraldi

The Beautiful Young Crew – Lawrence Arabia

What’s The Use Of Staying Sober – Joe Jackson

It Never Was You – Dorothy Loudon

A great chanteusse, best known for her role in “Annie” as  evil orphanage administrator Miss Hannigan. The clip shows her at her emotional best.

The Diary Of Horace Wimp – Electric Light Orchestra

American Idiot – Green Day

I Can Give You The Starlight – Jeremy Northam

From the wonderful Robert Altman movie “Gosford Park

Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter – Squirrel Nut Zippers

Lift Me Up – Geri Halliwell

Portfolio – Mika

Aotearoa/New Zealand can be proud of Mika.  A talent that should be known about across the world.


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