Do they EVER learn ? Basildon boy.

In TFC on March 15, 2010 at 1:32 pm

As promised, this is what the UK has come up with for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from “teenage singing sensation Josh Dubovie”.  

Dream ? It’s a musical nightmare with night sweats.

“After impressing audiences with the track That Sounds Good To Me, written by Pete Waterman and Mike Stock, Josh said: “I’m so so happy, I really can’t believe it. I never dreamed I’d come this far.”

Dream ? It’s a musical nightmare.

It appears to be Google-translated from the original Latvian and then transcribed by a tone-deaf short-order chef threatened by puppet cleavage.

Am I being too harsh ?  No.  This is utterly awful. It might have made the top 5 in the ESC in 1986.

“You bring the sunshine, I’ll bring the good time”.  And I’ll bring the high-pressure water cannon.

Why is the audience cheering ? Are they being threatened by security guards ?

Let us hope that the Scandanavians get their reindeer effluent together.


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