I shouldn’t, but I will.

In TFC on March 24, 2010 at 10:58 am

Why oh why oh why,  gee I haven’t written that since the days of “Backchat”.  What follows is sort of political, BUT that doesn’t mean it’s boooooooooooring.

Why oh why (sorry) are the alleged political commentators banging on about the “instability” and “chaos” in Tasmania after the Apple Isle’s election ?  The answer my friends is  journalistic attention deficit disorder. 

The result was not clear cut.  There was no black and white outcome.  There was no winner and no loser.  In such a world, many who sort verbs, nouns, adjectives and the occasional adverb into analysis cannot function.  Poor poppets.

Tassie’s extremely fair electoral system…not weird, not bewildering….coupled with a determination by the folks down there to give the pollies a kick in the ballot box means they got a parliament reflecting how they felt viz., no one party in charge.

Result: no result, just wait for a week or so. 

Democracy isn’t, unfortunately, a variant on the Eurovision Song Contest with better dress sense.  It is what makes us different to the ants, Burma and the Melbourne Club.

Like a succulent lamb shank, it often needs a little extra time.  Surely that’s reasonable once in a while.After that, it gets really good when at least two political parties have to talk with not at each other.

So, ladies & gentlemen of the gallery,  let things take their alloted time and put a sock in it.

Or in the wonderful words of US politician Dick Tuck in a concession speech following his loss in the 1966 California State Senate election: “The people have spoken, the bastards.” 

Or in my post-election version of it: “The bastards have spoken, let the people be”.

Go Tassie.


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