Footy tips and how to ride the bandwagon and keep a lid on it

In TFC on March 25, 2010 at 11:34 am

Football is here and so are my dubious tips.

Carlton by a lot

Geelong by boofiness

Melbourne by complete fluke

Brisbane by a long pause

Sydney by entitlement

Port Adelaide by a suspended sentence

Bulldogs by fabulousness

Fremantle by the hair on my chinny, chin, chin


Many of you will be familiar with my total embrace of the Western Bulldogs – I would marry Will Minson and carry his saxophone for life if only the law allowed it and … Will didn’t flatten me.

Now I am in a real quandery.  I am simply not used to supporting football teams that win things and are heavily favoured to win more things.  My teams have to be somewhat fatally flawed, while at the same time loveable/odd/bonkers.  It is a policy that has served me well.  I don’t do the “born to rule” thing well, I am rarely confident of a conclusion until it has been concluded and I wasn’t brought up to celebrate success.


So what to do about the Bulldogs bandwagon ? 

Many are expecting a flag this year and the team looks like it has the goods.  But, then again.  BBB Hall, Aker, Johnno and Nathan Eagleton could all be involved in a freak baking accident.  The sublime Daniel Cross may suddenly find his true role in life is to be a member of “Up With People”. Brian Lake may become the weekend presenter for Channel 7 in Adelaide. Rodney Eade may never shout again.  It could happen and we must be prepared for it to happen.

Then there’s the big question.  Do I persevere with my original scarf OR remove the 2010 members one from out of packaging and make a statement that this year is THE year.

Then there’s the tipping comp thing.  It’s all too much.

Only kidding. It is all good and better.

May your team charm, delight, and challenge you as mine constantly does. 

In an era of quick fixes and expected success, supporting a team is character forming.  You have to deal with the full range of life’s experiences and you are thrust into a group of people totally unlike yourself APART from the shared loyalty to the team.

That’s what it is about.  Not the brand.  Not the introduction of the 17 point super-dooper goal.  Not the formation of a new franchise in the Turk and Caicos Islands.  It’s us, the people. 

Let us celebrate this glorious time of year.

And if you frown upon sporting silliness, may I suggest that you take a good long hard look at yourself.

Oh and Carn the Doggies!!


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