TFC 101 – March 27th 2010 playlist

In TFC on March 27, 2010 at 9:53 pm

Onward, upward, sideways and who knows where else.  The Full Catastrophe strides into its second century with purpose, elan  and tomato stains on its T-shirt.  Stand aside, I’m ready for my close up Mr de Mille….

(At this point Mr Bell’s handwriting became illegible and he was taken back to his own quarters & given a warm milky drink – Nurse  Amelia Ratchet)


The “In” Crowd – Brian Ferry

Coming Home – Asleep In The Park (now known as “The On Fires” !)

Maybe This Time – Liza Minnelli

Depression-Pasillo – Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire

The Fix – Elbow

A friend’s gift to me on a birthday got me to know about this lot and I am very glad it did! The band is named after a line in the Dennis Potter mini-series “The Singing Detective” in which  a character (Philip Marlow) says that the word “elbow” is the most sensuous word in the English language, not for its definition, but for how it feels to say it.

Pride In The Name Of Love – U2

Rock You Sinners – Art Baxter & His Rock “N Roll Sinners

Jamming – Bob Marley & The Wailers

Untouchable Girls – Topp Twins

Our favourite Kiwi lesbian singing and yodelling twins.  True class.

Nous Les Amoureux -Jean-Claude Pascal

It won Eurovision for Luxembourg in 1961.

Take A Chance On Me – Erasure

Do It Again – Cassie Davis

Mad About The Boy – Lee Adam Wilshier

Grey Cortina – Tom Robinson Band

They’re Either Too Old Or Too Young – Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

As featured in the Woody Allen movie “Radio Days” and it’s also been sung by the beloved Bette Davis.

The Last Will And Testament Of Jake Thackray – Jake Thackray

The Pheasant Pluckers’ Song – The Barrow Poets

Dancing In The Streets – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas

I Hear Bells  – New York City Gay Men’s Chorus

The Hotest With The Mostest – Ethel Merman

Sex Drive – Pete Burns & Glam

  1. Google alerts notified me that ‘Coming Home’ was in your playlist today (yesterday for you; I’m currently in the US). Thank you so much!! I’m the singer (Max – short for Maxine) & I’m very happy you like the song. I presume you heard it via Joy?
    We’ve now renamed the band to The On Fires which is far more appropriate to our live act than “Asleep…”. I’m so thrilled that someone in Melbourne is listening!
    And GO DOGGIES (I’m serious – we’re Doggies fans; we have the recording of the night premiership waiting for our homecoming next week….can hardly wait). – Max

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