To be continued…

In TFC on March 31, 2010 at 11:53 am

I have just heard the worst cliffhanger ending in the history of broadcast drama.

Whether it’s radio or TV, the audience must be left gasping, willing to do anything to find out the answer to the mystery or to discover whether our heroes survive their latest brush with death,

“Oh, my god Professor Gustaffssonn, there’s something climbing out of  the molecular stratifier.”

“There are two wires left to cut.  If I cut the wrong one, the old folks home will be incinerated.”

“Hang on Daphne, the helicopter rescue team will be here any moment…do it for the twins.”

I happened to hear the end of a 1950s radio detective drama on BBC Radio 7 thanks to an inadvertent click.  It was worth it.  30 minutes of fast paced detective work ended with this corker: “I’m afraid you will have to go out of town … to Reading.”

Not to be out done…

Don’t forget to listen to the Full Catastrophe on Saturday nights, it’s better than cutting your toenails in the dark.


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