The Full Catastrophe 3rd April 2010 – The music and other stuff

In TFC on April 3, 2010 at 9:51 pm

The clocks go back, the mornings are crisp and the footy’s well and truly back.  Yep, autumn is nudging his or her way into our affections.  Time to dust off the overcoat, re-fluff up the doona and pull on the multi-purpose undershirt.

This week’s “Totally Useless Weather Forecast” caused a deal of interest from listeners – you are a beuatifully curious mob. It was the meterological update for Ness in the north west of Scotland where there are renovators a-renovating and good folk a-speaking Gaelic.  If you want to see more about Ness give this a nice hard click! and be somewhat beguiled.

And above all there was lots of lovely music to keep us all warm and toasty…not to mention some suggestive lyrics. 


The Size Of A Cow – The Wonderstuff

Too Turned On – Alisha

Finale – Divertissement (Ibert) – City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

A French modernist composer with a musical sense of humour. 

With Thee I Swing – Billie Holiday

Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes – kd lang

Dig That Crazy Chick – Sam Butera & The Witnesses

Makin’ Whoopee – Dr John & Rickie Lee Jones

An old song about sex which never mentions the word. 

Intervention – Arcade Fire

Top Canadian band that’s well worth getting to know.  The clip shows them kicking up a storm with a Eurovision Song Contest winner from the 1960s.  Tres chic.

Attention Must Be Paid – The Beatles

The “Fab Four” from Liverpool were super superstars in the 60s and their influence lingers to this day.  It’s strange to think that many people don’t know much about them … strange that is to people like me who were kiddies when the Beatles were in their pomp.  They were the sexiest, swingiest, most controversial of groups.  Therefore, attention must be paid – either to refresh the memory or get the musical taste buds salivating for the very first time.

She Loves You

Lady Madonna

Let It Be

School Days – Don Lang & His Frantic Five

What a band name!! Says it all about the hectic days of rock and roll!

Reeling In The Years – Steely Dan

Go West Young Man – Groucho Marx

Groucho was a quarter, then a third, of the Marx Brothers who pioneered surreal comedy on stage and then movies in the US.  His trademark was wordplay and somewhat sleazy sexual suggestion. With a painted on moustache, rocket powered eyebrows, strange walk and constant cigar he was a comic genius who hasn’t lost his lustre over the years. 

I Believe – Calvin Rotane

That’s Love That Is – Blancmange

Can’t Get Out Of This Mood – Sarah Vaughan

Mbo Hahita Avao – D’Gary & Jihe

Taste Of Blood – Mazzy Star

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered – Vivienne Segal

Another song about sex and the word is used in this one.  The song was featured in the film “The History Boys” with fabulously homerotic overtones.

Turn One, Tune In, Cop Out – Freak Power

Love Me Splendour – Ed Kuepper

And finally, the much talked about trailer for the new HBO show “Treme”



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