Up and coming

In TFC on May 19, 2010 at 12:28 pm

Friends, the season of the Eurovision Song Contest is upon us and I am getting excited.

Another week or so and the world’s musical capital will be Oslo.  May the herring flow and the aquavit not freeze.

TFC will, as is now a tradition dating back 3 years, celebrate the occasion with aplomb, elan and dwaasheid.  This blog is no exception: Eurovision Central is the fully upgraded, re-badged and exceptionally bonkers place to find out even more about the ESC.  The good, the bad and the plainly deranged enties of years gone by.

This Saturday (May 22) part of the show will be a fantasy ESC.  No, not Alexander Rybak in rubber or some kind of demented bondage obsessed Terry Wogan; rather an hour or so of the kind of music which could represent the various Eurovision nations if any of them had a brain.

Then on the 29th of May a celebration of all things ESC, including the worst song EVER to be entered in the process PLUS some pearls from the vaults. 

And there will be a sacrificial lamb.  Tim, who by his own reckoning knows NOTHING (and who am I to argue), will be the guinea pig.  So I will take it upon myself to give him some “Diggiloo-diggiley” edukashun.  It’s in his own best interest.  And that’s what I’ll tell the authorities.

This year looks like being a corker.  This effort from Ukraine was apparently written by a slow witted custard cream manufacturer in Smolensk who then used Google Translate incorrently.  Bliss.  I wonder if Alyosha realises that she sounds like a complete goose ?

Back to our Norwegian hosts and this is one of their bestest ever efforts….honest.


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