Unhappy Doggy

In TFC on May 20, 2010 at 1:02 pm

One of the posts that gets the most traffic on this blog is called “Beloved Bulldogs“. In it I talk about why the Doggies are my team and why I go along and cheer them.

They are my team and they stay as my team, but today there’s one Bulldog player I am extraordinarily unhappy with. 

Jason Akermanis’ remarks about homosexuality and sport are ill informed and unhelpful.  They show he DOESN’T know better, he just wants a headline. Well, he’s got one, but at what cost ?

Akermanis is a great footballer, but a lousy social commentator.  He is a nincompoop.  And larding his comments about gay footballers with references to teen suicide rates is self-serving, cowardly and defensive. 

Retired Olympic swimmer Daniel Kowalski’s response is on the money.  After all of this brouhaha today, why would a gay footy player come out?  The only chance would be out of seething anger. 

I now wait for the Western Bulldogs club to say or do something.  Its gay and lesbian supporters deserve that.  Perhaps GLBTI Bulldogs fans should make a stand and follow the lead of the Pink Magpies and organise. 

And if there’s a gay player somewhere in the ranks at Whitten Oval, this actually might be just the time to make a stand.  And if that bothers Aker, that player should just tell him that he doesn’t fancy him. 

That’ll really bruise his ego big time.


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