Tips and matters arising

In TFC on May 21, 2010 at 1:27 pm

“They’re making it personal about me, which is a very dumb thing to do because all I wanted to do was debate the facts.”  So says Aker as he faces a torrent of criticism over his comments about gays and AFL.

In his Herald Sun column yesterday, Akermanis said the AFL wasn’ ready for a gay player to come out and that gays in the game should “forget about” coming out. “I believe it would cause discomfort in that environment should someone declare himself gay,” he wrote.  

Well … if  Jason Akermanis wanted to debate the facts why didn’t he start doing it with people like Daniel Kowalski. 

 If Jason Akermanis wanted to debate the facts why didn’t he have a yarn with those in the know in the GLBTI community.  

If Jason Akermanis wanted to debate the facts why didn’t he give Joy 94.9 a ring and go on air with Doug Pollard.

There are plenty of ways that  Jason Akermanis could have debated the facts. 

He didn’t.  He just unloaded some partially thought through ideas and then ran away yelling “not fair” the minute people had the audacity to respond to his remarks.  Poor soul.

As I blogged before, this is for Aker and the Bulldogs to sort out.  Not the AFL, not any commission or court. They can start by … debating the facts.  There’s still time.  Not to do something might add to the feeling that this is about headline grabbing and nothing else. 

Aker.  Only he could make Eddie Maguire look enlightened.

And a big tick for Sydney coach and former Roy Boy Paul Roos.  When asked about Akermanis’ article he said: “it’s a staggering story when you read it. If it had have been written in 1943 or something like that, you could have been forgiven. But in 2010, to hear something like that, is just bizarre.”  Well said.

Now the tips…

Collingwood by a deep black stripe

Bulldogs by ignoring Aker completely

Swans by need

Melbourne by enthusiasm

Essendon by not being Richmond

Adelaide by Torrens Title

Carlton by recycling

St Kilda by hunger


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