Eurovision countdown – our lovely hosts

In TFC on May 29, 2010 at 8:45 am

How can one put this nicely.  The Norwegians aren’t the most successful Eurovision competitors in terms of winning, but blimey they have tried.

This post pays tribute to Norway’s misfires, failed efforts and other HUUUUUUUUUUGE contributions.

The NRK (Norway’s public broadcaster) first entered the ESC in 1960.  It’s a song that’s strange hybrid where the various bits never quite seem to come together.  And singer Nora Brockstedt appears to be keeping a completely different beat to the band !

Some Scandanavian skulduggery usually ensures Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway do pretty well.  But sometimes the Norwegians have put forward such a terrible song that not even their neighbours will offer them a single point.  Norway has achieved “nul point” on a record four occasions. 

Here they all are:

1963 – Dull and frumpy

1978 – Jahn Teigan makes his mark.  The king of ESC crap.

1981 – dreary and frumpy

1999 – the last time the Norges were humiliated in front of Europe and deservedly so.

Poor Tor Endressen.  He’d tried to get to the ESC on numerous occasions through NRK’s Melodi Grand Prix (the national song contest) and failed miserably.   

Seven years earlier he lost out with a song that I reckon might just have lifted Norway off the bottom of the scoreboard.   

Now, I have seen the ENTIRE 1990 Melodi Grand Prix show on video ! Don’t ask.  At one point the presenter fell off the stage,  I think he might have sought refuge from the musical delights in the odd bucket of  home brew

Moving right along, this is the song that got the better of Tor and represented Norge in Dublin. 

It got points, but was still last.

But it hasn’t been all gloom for the ash blondes of Trondheim, Tromso and Lillehammer. 

 This was one of the great winning songs of Eurovision … and enjoy the Terry Wogan intro!

So Takk, takk tuesen tak to the silly Norges for heaps of ESC palaver over the years.


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