Eurovision 2010 – The entrails

In TFC on June 1, 2010 at 12:01 pm

The people have spoken.

For once TFC’s prediction was on the money.  The German song was cute and funny, the singer Lena had a winning way and melody was back.

And another thing to make us ESC old-timers smile was the return of more lingo.  Strangulated English (EU-nglish I call it) is going out of vogue and not a moment too soon.  Language is a crucial part of national identity (and the cause of many a political headache), so to hear Serbian, Portuguese and Greek  back in the mix was a win for diversity. 

The big question is whither the UK ? 

Royaume Uni hasn’t won since 1997 and has only won twice in 29 years.

So what ? Big so what actually.  The BBC puts up a lot of the dosh that pays for the ESC. 

Will the Brits walk away ?  I doubt it, but they must think outside the box to avoid another humiliation. 

I pause to mention that this blog was absolutely on the money about the vapid atrocity that was this year’s entry “That Sounds Good To Me”.  From the get go it sounded crap to everybody.

It’s high time for the Beeb to mine the rich seams of musical creativity outside London.  The so-called provinces, Scotland and Wales all have vibrant scenes. And, to return to matter linguistic, how’s about picking a song that is in one the UK’s other languages.

As the dust settles and stomach functions return to normal it’s time to farewell to Eurovision for a while. 

The last word goes to a unsuccesful German entry.  And, wonder of wonders, the Kessler Sisters’ song seems hellishly close in spirit to that so wonderfully performed by Lena.

Ah Eurovision, plus ca change, plus le meme chose – that’s your actual French. Or as Google Translate would have it: more ca change, plus the same thing

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