Did I just hear (and see) that ? UPDATED

In TFC on June 8, 2010 at 5:23 pm

My viewing and listening habits shock me sometimes, never mind anybody else.

One minute it’s “The Wire”, then its the sublime Scottish cartoon “Fraochy Bay”, then a bit of Chet Baker cool jazz then it’s a documentary on ferret sexing in Lombardy. Strange, but true … well, almost.

So there I was listening to Prime Minister’s Question Time from the UK.  Sad perhaps, but interesting.

There was David Cameron banging on about tax benefits for married couples when he declared that any such benefits would be extended to same sex couples.  Committment should be acknowledged, he said, whether couples are “straight or gay”. 

No fuss.  No fanfares. 

Whatever your politics, it was something to behold and be-hear.  That a leader of a party that brought Margaret Thatcher to an unsuspecting world was so at ease is something to take note of.  

Not for the first time, I wonder out loud about when we will hear an Australian Prime Minister or Premier address our issues as part of the general political debate. 

Not in the foreseeable future I fear.

Speaking of which, this fab clip of NZ PM John Key has just come to my attention.

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