The Ministry of Silliness: ‘1984’ TFC style

In TFC on June 23, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Posted by Tim Harrison

Here at The Full Catastrophe, we love the Internet.  It holds great wisdom, many archival records and musical treasures.  It’s also crammed full of silly rubbish.  But, it’s the fun of trawling through the flotsam and jetsam looking for treasure that really makes it all worthwhile.

But, as with all things wondrous/ridiculous, there are those who would have us more carefully “managed”.  Yes, here it comes, our second favourite word: “con-tro-ver-sial”.  (By the by, top favourite word is “fab-u-lous” but I’m not allowed to use that).  Anyway, I digress.  The issue that’s fogging up the windows next to this week’s stovetop of government silliness is The Internet.  Yes, we have a whole host of proposed policies circling around the Internet like vultures…

I, for one, say that the nanny state mentality has to be treated with healthy cynicism and a degree of caution.  If we’re not careful, we’ll miss out on all the wondrous silliness the web has to offer or we’ll at least worry about who is filtering/logging/blocking our poor musical inclinations.

Take this for example – a silly moment from the ESC captured and stored forever deep, deep in the bottom filing cabinet drawer of the Internet:

Aren’t we all the richer for reliving such splendid moments of staged silliness?

Inspired by recent developments in doublethink, this week’s TFC will delve into the naughty musical drawer before it’s taken away by the Ministry of Lint.  We’ve got songs with despicable names – some containing “sugar” and “bowl” in the one title – for shame!  There’s songs about women of purportedly ill-repute – one sung by a woman of purportedly ill-repute.  And anything else that might raise an eyebrow somewhere.  Of course, there’ll be other assorted musical tidbits thrown in to the pot as well topped with a very sultry Attention Must Be Paid.

This Saturday at 9pm, tune your wireless to Joy 94.9 or hook yourself up to the information highway and prepare to be sent on a wayward detour off into the realms of musical silliness.

Before I go, here’s a cautionary tale about libraries from my mum (who is a librarian…)


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