There was movement at The Lodge…

In TFC on June 24, 2010 at 9:54 am

Posted by Tim Harrison (Andy opines here on a Welsh born PM, with the translation here courtesy of Google Translate!)

…for the word had got around… Ms Gillard has taken the Labor leadership and is now the PM.

From the kitchen cabinet to the nation’s most coveted kitchen, questions indeed abound here at TFC headquarters.  Dogged news-hounds that we are, there are important issues to be pondered…

Will Ms Gillard make a guest appearance on Kath and Kim from “the good room” in the Lodge?

Will Fraochy Bay do a special tribute to the Welsh expatriate turned PM?

Will there be a YouTube music video montage featuring this now (in)famous reply to an ABC interview question:

JOHN FAINE Under what circumstances would you be prepared to lead the Labor Party Julia Gillard, even before the next election?

JULIA GILLARD Oh knock it off John. Completely ridiculous.

And most important of all, as arguably Australia’s most famous woman, will Julia’s partner’s role as “The PM’s Hairdresser” make him an international hair-dressing celebrity?

Yes, our new PM is partnered to a hair-dresser…. fab-u-lous!!

Posted by Tim Harrison

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