Putting on a show

In TFC on July 6, 2010 at 11:32 am

Posted by Andy Bell

I think you know when you are “home” when you feel splendidly relaxed about the notion of showing a visting friend around your city.

There’s no need to default to the obvious: harbour bridges, state buildings of various empires, palaces offering shelter to inbred tiara wearing types.

Take it as it comes.  “Home” is where the heart is and even when it is not at its best it is good.  It’s a bit like that very old joke.

Two shopkeepers in a pub.  One asks the other “how’s business?”.  The other replies “just like sex”. “Even when it’s bad, it’s good”. 

I digress.

With a friend about to lob on me, I was starting to think about where to go, what to do etc etc.  Then it dawned on me. 

“Home” will do just fine without any help from me.  Just end up where you end up and all will be well.

It’s the ultimate que sera factor.  Whatever will be, will be.

So when my visitor arrives and I hand over the spare keys after explaining about the funny flush of the toilet, I will let Melbourne look after itself.

Although, I  wager it will involve at least one chicken parma.


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