Missives from the emerald city 1 – Surplus to requirements

In TFC on July 19, 2010 at 6:16 pm

Posted by Andy Bell – on assignment in Sydney

I am a more than bit of a fan of army surplus stores.  Melbourne has a few to feast on, but Sydney is about to lose its last true blue repository of green and greener garb.

Stoliar Brothers have been on George Street for almost half a century, now the shop is about to close.  I found out just minutes before posting this blog as I went for a walk from my hideously counter intuitive serviced apartment.

It’s a sad sight to see the hand written signs in the windows announcing that the business is on the brink of disappearing. High rents have forced the issue.

A much-needed a little slice of non-corporatised life will soon be no more.

The place is, and always has been,  a jungle of jumble and that makes it a treasure trove for seekers of t-shirts, sturdy boots or the occasional gas mask!  It reeks of another era.  You almost expect any radio that’s on in the shop to be relaying the dulcet tones of Johnny O’Keefe or Alan McGilvray at the cricket.

There is a last chance for bargain hunters to track down a purchase.  A closing down sale is underway and I am off there to replenish my camo pants wardrobe and bolster my sock collection.  I don’t think I will be alone.

Stoliar Brothers will soon be no more and Sydney’s premier shopping street will be poorer. 

That fact can’t be camouflaged and probably will only be full appreciated long after the Stoliars close their doors.


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