The Full “Debate” Catastrophe – July 24th

In TFC on July 24, 2010 at 10:54 pm

Presented by Tim Harrison & Andy Bell

Two of the greatest minds of a generation came together.  The great issues of the day were scrutinised as the future of a nation stood centre stage.

Yes, that was the Full Catastrophe on Saturday July 24th when Tim “Moving Forward” Harrison & Andy “Traditional Values” Bell took to the airwaves.

Let the people speak.


From Man To Man – Sandra Lawrence

Over My Head – The Fray

Turkey Lurky Time – Camp (Soundtrack)

(WTBHWT #1) Gilly, Gilly, Ossenfeffer, Katzenellenbogen by the Sea – Max Bygraves

Opihi Man – Ka’au Crater Boys

Djarimirri – Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu

Attention Must Be Paid – Rickie Lee Jones

Bye Bye Blackbird

Dat Dere

Love Junkyard

Happy Days Are Here Again – Ben Selvin Orchestra

FDR’s campaign song from the 1932 US election…and even Babs has sung it!

You Are My Sunshine – Norman Blake

Woman Love – Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps

Louisiana – Cerys Matthews

Sounding Brass – Flanders & Swan

F & S were, on the surface, an inoffensive duo who gently poked fun at the foibles of the English and others.  They had a little bit more to them than that and are well worth some investigation.

(WTBHWT #2) Will You Remember ? – The Cranberries

I’ll Follow My Secret Heart – Sting

A Noel Coward song given the treatment by the Police’s former frontman.

Button Up Your Overcoat – Johnny Mercer

Mercer was a songwriter of renown who was not a bad performer either.

I Wish You Love – Whirimako Black

Tomorrow Belongs To Me – Cabaret (cast)

In The Air Tonight – Bertie Blackman

Farewell – Alan Bennett

From the musical Cabaret and all about a generation of Nazis waiting to take over.  The song was used to striking effect in 1987 on the eve of the UK election when the satirical puppet show “Spitting Image” used it to reflect on the likelihood of  another Thatcher win.

Coping – Blur

And an added bonus in the strange but true department.


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