Take a byte out of an Apple…

In TFC on July 28, 2010 at 10:23 am

Posted by Tim two-blog-posts-in-one-day Harrison

I’m not normally one to get all technobabble nor am I one to confess readily to my geekiness BUT….

I’ve just been made aware of a new “must have” from Apple.

No, it’s not a laptop or a netbook or a smart phone or a tablet, nor the “just gorgeous for the internet” something-between-an-iPhone-and-a-MacBook iPad.

No people, it’s the Magic Trackpad.

Apple Magic Trackpad

It's "Magic" (actual results may vary)

This has me rolling about with laughter.  Basically, you can now buy PARTS of Apple computers.  Buy a Magic Trackpad – an input device with no computer!

You have to hand it to a company like Apple that, rightly or otherwise, has hit its stride making ‘must have items’.  It really is mass marketing consumerism at its best.

To quote the sales spiel on using the Magic Trackpad, “You feel closer to your content, and moving around feels completely natural.”

Isn’t that what us older folk call “life”?


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