A feast for all Sondheim-ites – And there’s more!

In TFC on August 2, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Posted by Andy “Everybody Ought To Have A  Maid” Bell

Let the record show that I adore the music and lyrics of Stephen Sondheim.

He IS the musical theatre of the last half century or so. 

He bridges the golden age of Broadway to the often less than lyrical Great White Way of recent times. 

His lyrics probe and dissect the human condition, while his melodies beguile the ear and then tease the grey matter. 

So it was very much right and proper that the great British summer institution the Promenade Concerts  (the Proms) has just honoured SS’ 80th birthday with a concert of stellar ambition and thrilling execution at London’s Royal Albert Hall.

The clips are reaching the Youtube universe, they give you just a taste of the event.

This is one is a total hoot and features Bryn Terfel as you’ve never seen him.

Then there’s something beyond divine.

Send In The Clowns stripped bare and made plain.

The concert is still available on BBC iPlayer (for the telecast) and on BBC Radio 3.

It is a treat.  It is a wonder.  It is NOT to be missed my friends.


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