Runway robbery & other aerodrome thoughts

In TFC on August 5, 2010 at 2:55 pm

Posted by Andy “Tray Table In The Upright Position” Bell

This is my final missive from the emerald city for now.  I am now safely back in bosom of Brunswick West after three weeks of trans-Murray commuting.

Aerodrome –  an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo (definition from Princeton University)

As far as I could see, Charles Kingsford Smith Airport in the hamlet of Mascot in the state of New South Wales has all those things listed by the good folk at Princeton in spades.  It also has an alarming number of clothing stores, coffee at a 42.672% mark up (estimate) and no ATMs that don’t charge you $2 for a transaction.

When did the act of reaching for the clouds in a cigar-shaped tube cease to be thrilling and start to become a drain on the finances beyond comprehension ?

CKS Airport is not alone.  Tullamarine does the same pocket picking and the story is the same at every airport across this moving forward country.

I ask a simple question.  Who allowed this to happen ?  Did anyone ask us, the traveller, if we wanted to spend $6.50 for a cheese sandwich ?

Of course they didn’t.  We, the Australian taxpayer, used to own these places. Anyone remember the Federal Airports Corporation ?  Anyhow, a public asset which used to concentrate on the task of making sure planes were taking off and landing safely was flogged off.

And guess who the winner was ?

Answers on the back of the beer mat which accompanied the $8.25 beer or the bag containing the kookaburra shaped soft toy.


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